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Peabody Hotel Group - Logo The Peabody Hotel Group operates premier hotels throughout the country.

Combining superior hospitality service with world-class culinary expertise, PHG properties also boast sophisticated information systems, depth of management and a talent for profitable operating practices.

Peabody Memphis

The Peabody Hotel Group, a division of Belz Enterprises, has grown into a position of leadership and respect within this country's formidable hotel industry.

The Memphis Peabody is a story in itself. Once the embodiment of Southern elegance and hospitality, the 468-room hotel was purchased in 1975 by Belz, restored to its original state and reopened in 1981. The return of The Peabody also created a new focal point for the renaissance of downtown Memphis.

For more information regarding Peabody Hotel Group, please contact:

Marty Belz
Peabody Hotel Group
5118 Park Avenue, Suite 245
Memphis, TN 38117

Telephone: (901) 762-5466

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