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View our Property MapOver the past half-century, the business of real estate development has grown complex and dynamic. And yet it's fundamentally unchanged. It's still a matter of the land and what you make of it. Belz Enterprises has made much of it.

Industrial Industrial & Warehouse
From the beginning, Belz Enterprises has been closely associated with industrial developments and warehouse distribution. Memphis has benefited from its strategic geographical location, growing into one of America's largest distribution centers, and the Belz organization has shared in that growth. As a need for warehousing and industrial parks took shape, Belz acted efficiently and effectively to meet those needs. Belz Enterprises owns and operates some two dozen major industrial facilities with more than 10 million sq. ft. near Memphis International Airport, on the Mississippi River, beside major highways and adjacent to our country's railways.

Retail Retail
Belz Enterprises has developed more than 40 shopping complexes across the country, including residential strip centers, regional malls and factory outlet malls. A pioneer in the industry, Belz originated the factory outlet mall concept in 1979 by opening the first newly constructed, fully enclosed factory outlet mall in the United States in Lakeland, Tennessee. Belz Enterprises uses its in-depth experience and earned expertise to increase market share in diverse retail segments through creative tenant mix, intelligent design and innovative marketing concepts.

Office Office
Belz owns and manages a score of office buildings, ranging from downtown office towers and mixed-use developments to suburban corporate campuses. Office building concepts and usage must constantly evolve to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing market. Awareness of societal trends and emerging business needs enables Belz to stay a step ahead of new realities. In the recent past, this incisive market understanding allowed the company to lead the way in the development of fitness facilities, in-house child care and innovative office environments.

Land & Development Land & Development
When it comes to land and development, patience truly is a virtue. Timing is everything. The ability to pick the right moment to develop a piece of property, coupled with a sensitivity to the needs of the community, has helped Belz Enterprises construct an enviable history of successful endeavors. Still, it will be a matter of the land and what you make of it. That's something Belz has always known and been comfortable with. It's what Belz is all about. Here the future is anticipated with hope and excitement.

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