Cotton Finds a Southern Home in Belz Parks


Located in the heart of the Delta, Memphis is known for its thriving blues culture and world famous BBQ, the home of Rock ‘n Roll king Elvis Presley and as a hot spot on the “Mighty Mississippi.” Lesser known by most is the city’s importance to cotton farmers and manufacturers around the country. 

Memphis is one of the largest cotton distribution centers in the world, and in the past year, the demand for large amounts of storage space has grown impressively.  Unlike some products, cotton requires highly specialized storage conditions.  The area in which cotton is stored must be tens of thousands of square feet collectively, mostly for aeration purposes.  Also, due to the nature of the product, the facilities must meet strict regulations and codes that require constant updates.

To meet the cotton storage needs, Belz Enterprises worked with current Memphis industrial park tenants to allocate and create multiple areas of large space.  Working on a very limited time line, Belz and vendors began customizing their storage facilities to the latest industry standards, installing the most adequate sprinkler systems and constructing fire walls and doors to properly divide spaces into compartments no larger than 50,000 square feet.

After updating to meet fire and building department requirements, Belz and its tenants were able to create an excess of one million square feet of cotton storage, including more than 350,000 square feet for Allenberg Cotton at the Dunn Avenue warehouse and more than 250,000 square feet for E Com Trading at Gateway Industrial Park.  And the business continues to come in by the bales.

 “So far this year has been unbelievable, said Keith Lord. “We’re storing cotton from all over the place, from regionally to as far away as Lubbock, Texas.  Everybody’s looking for space.”


Whether you are storing cotton bales or cotton t-shirts, Belz Enterprises has the facility space to meet your needs.  Cotton storage is just one way in which Belz proves its ability to offer up any space, any place.  For more information, visit or call (901) 260-7300.