Belz Architecture and Construction Turns Visions into Reality,

From Start Through Completion and Beyond


Most construction projects require a number of phases – finding and leasing the appropriate land, architectural development of a building plan to best suit the property, interior and exterior design, collaboration with surrounding government and economic groups – each dependent upon one another.  What once began as a company’s vision quickly becomes a sequence of efforts involving many different areas of expertise and execution of services.


Belz Architecture and Construction Services is an innovative source for all of these specialties under one roof, providing quality service with seamless transition from site selection through completion and into facilities management.  Outsourcing individual services can often impact timeliness and efficiency of a project.  From planning and pre-construction to complete project management, Belz Architecture and Construction Services offers expertise in each phase, with everyone focused on bringing what started as a vision to a state-of-the-art facility.


“Our strength is the ability to deliver both the personalized service expected by our clients, as well as the knowledge and understanding of how to complete a high-quality project on time and within budget,” said Andrew J. Groveman, senior vice president, Belz.  “Every stage of the process is budgeted, value-engineered, scheduled and monitored for control.”


Belz Architecture and Construction Services entails a variety of services that can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of any client.  Serving as a full partner in all efforts, the Belz Architecture and Construction team combines innovation with break-through technology to provide several services including planning and pre-construction, building construction and architecture, interior and exterior design, complete project management, ­consultation and renovation and maintenance services.  Belz Architecture and Construction even offers feasibility studies to determine a project’s costs and preliminary permit requirements.


“We understand that time is money, and we work with you to deliver quality results without sacrificing efficiency,” said Jack Bearden, managing director of architecture and construction at Belz. “Our 50-plus years in this business have taught us the tactics and techniques in design and construction, and we utilize that experience every day to deliver a high-quality product with which everyone can be proud.”


Most recently, the Belz Architecture and Construction team completed the initial phases of construction at Lake Forest, a 125-acre mixed-use development just outside of Memphis that includes residential, retail and commercial properties.  This includes the development of streets, sidewalks, lakes, parks, walking trails, water, electrical and sewage facilities.


 “Our Lake Forest team has been with this project since the initial leasing search,” said Bearden.  “We’re currently entering new phases for retail development and construction with each phase exceeding expectations in efficiency and on-time delivery.”


Additionally, developers anticipate the first phase of retail and the development of a community park to begin later this year. 


For more information about Belz Architecture and Construction Services, contact Jack Bearden at or call 901.260.7370.